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Pediatric Collections

Curated, In-depth, Topical, Evidence-based

Collections address important issues in pediatric medicine, child health, public health, trending news/events, and the latest best practices in pediatric medicine.

Key policy statements and research are complemented with news articles and blog posts to concisely explain the key findings and recommendations for improvement in practice, policy, and education.

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Electronic access to online Pediatric Collection articles is available based on selected individual journal subscriptions or organization site license access. Electronic versions of Pediatric Collections are available for purchase/license.

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Schedule for Pediatric Collections

*Please note: journal subscription(s) required to access full text on digital pages.

Social Determinants of Health are conditions that affect a wide range of health outcomes. In this 3-part series special package of Pediatric Collections, we explore several conditions and the ways they effect children.

The research presented in this collection will increase pediatric providers’ understanding of the injuries that young athletes may incur – including their history, treatment, and prevention

COMSEP, the Council of Medical Student Education in Pediatrics, is a community of pediatric educators committed to supporting each other and delivering excellent pediatric education to medical students.

By understanding the current evidence organized in this series, pediatric providers can reassure children that we will listen, follow their lead, and work with their families and communities to create safe spaces and healthful opportunities to explore gender and sexuality as a growing aspect of human identity.

This custom collection consists of important studies, expert recommendations, and practice pathways that inform pediatricians about practical ways to improve the lives of children with ASD and their families.

This custom collection compiles the most up-to-date information on e-cigarette topics that impact the pediatric population. Its reviews and research will assist pediatric health care providers in identifying and treating adolescent use and exposure to e-cigarettes.

We hope these articles inspire pediatricians, other clinicians who provide health care, trainees, and policy makers to consider what can be done to address racism and health disparities starting with each of us and extending to health care systems locally, nationally, and internationally.

We have compiled articles from American Academy of Pediatrics publications into a curated collection of articles on COVID-19. This online collection will be updated frequently to reflect new articles published on this topic. We hope this collection can serve as one of your primary reference sources when discussing COVID-19 with your patients, families, hospital or school administrators, and policymakers.

This collection is an important and useful tool for all pediatricians who want to help children with behavioral and educational concerns.

This collection of articles, resources, and commentaries on depression and suicide prevention offers pediatricians an overview of one of the most pressing public health problems facing the field. Ranging from calls-to-action to practical guidelines for screening and treatment to reports of efforts to improve quality of care, this collection is worth perusing.

This collection presents a series of cases that highlight some ethical dilemmas that arise in pediatrics.

This small and important collection of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) publications and reports provides guidance and support to the medical home providers.

Bullying has long been an accepted experience of childhood—a metaphorical bump along the road to adulthood. The articles included in this collection on bullying provide a wide lens through which to view this complexity.

We have created a collection of articles on toxic stress since the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health, the Committee on Early Childhood, Adoption and Dependent Care, and the Section on Behavior and Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics published their landmark policy statement, “Early Childhood Adversity, Toxic Stress, and the Role of the Pediatrician: Translating Developmental Science into Lifelong Health.”

Enjoy the depth and breadth of these articles related to breastfeeding. Each one will give you a boost in your understanding of one of the most meaningful and important health practices we know.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the AAP Section on Obesity approach obesity by suggesting policies to prevent and treat obesity. Additionally, they provide support to pediatric obesity specialists, pediatricians who serve as practice and community leaders in the fight against pediatric obesity, and general pediatricians who encounter patients with overweight, obesity, and severe obesity.

This collection of articles will assist providers by providing vaccine information and policy statements in a single, easily accessible platform.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all children ages 6 months to 8 years receive two doses of influenza vaccine their first season, given four weeks apart. Thereafter, only one shot a year is needed. Children ages 9 years and older should receive one dose. It is safe for children with egg allergy to receive the influenza shot, according to the AAP.

The articles in this collection focus on the manifestations of the opioid epidemic in children and adolescents.

This collection will likely have the information you need, especially when it comes to learning more about the risks of recreational marijuana use, and will also help you understand what we know and do not yet know about its medical use.

This custom collection on protecting children from gun violence will be continually updated online as more articles are published, so please check the online collection frequently for new studies about this important topic.

To help our readers better understand the issues surrounding the use of e-cigarettes in teens and young adults, we are now bringing together published articles on e-cigarettes from our journal and all other AAP publications in one custom collection, giving readers easy access through this collection to a compendium of studies and findings on this important topic.

Suggested Uses for Collections by Role/Setting

Build your clinical reference library with articles tailored to your interests and specific practice and community needs.

Augment your training activity course packs with curated collections that provide a comprehensive view of AAP research and analysis of a topic.

Kickstart your pediatrics study initiatives and research endeavors with focused collections.

Easily reference the most topical research for use formulating public health policies, monitoring health trends, and implementing prevention strategies.

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