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AAP Point-of-Care Solutions Overview for Institutions


Enable access to AAP content for your entire organization through flexible subscription options!
AAP Point-of-Care Solutions™ is your single source for clinical and patient education resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has gathered together the essential point-of-care resources you trust under one umbrella - all linked from a single starting point. With AAP Point-of-Care Solutions you'll find the brief summaries and direct links to all your pediatric solutions.

For information on site licenses or a free trial for your organization or to place your order, please visit our Publications Ordering Information page. 

What is under the AAP Point-of-Care Solutions umbrella?

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions links you to all of the American Academy of Pediatrics trusted resources you rely on to treat your patients with care and confidence, including the following:

Pediatric Care Online Logo

A subscription to Pediatric Care Online also includes Red Book Online, Pediatric Patient Education, and AAP Toolkits.

Red Book Online Logo 

Red Book Online is the trusted source for pediatric infectious disease solutions, now fully digitized and easy to search.
Pediatric Patient Education 
Pediatric Patient Education is designed to provide fast, reliable, expert advice for and about children and young adults.

AAP Toolkits Logo 
Streamline practice with essential collections of clinical tools that help keep patients healthy and families informed. Developed by experienced physicians and communities, these toolkits are customizable to fit the needs of practice workflow. Toolkits available: Bright Futures Toolkit, ADHD Toolkit, Autism Toolkit, and Mental Health Toolkit  

 AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter Logo
Get current coding guidelines and compliance standards including broad coverage of coding and documentation practices for both pediatric primary care and subspecialty services.

Fast and Easy Access

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions provides all the essential links to your trusted pediatric resources. You can find whatever you need, whenever you need it -  fast, all from your favorite device, and all at the point of care!

  • Robust searching, utilizing the latest in semantic search technology
  • Responsive design, adjusts automatically to your device
  • Streamlined log-in process
  • Clean look and feel provides uncluttered views
  • And much more....

For information on site licenses, or to place your order, please visit our Publications Ordering Information page. For a quote from the AAP's Institutional Sales team, contact us via our online Inquiry Form.

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