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Account Administration

Resources dedicated to help edit your institutional account information, review and update your IP address and help with admin username or password.


Edit your Account Information

Login to your Institution's Admin portal to pull usage statistics, verify your holdings, update your Shared Username/Password, find your SUSHI credentials, verify your IP range, Shibboleth access, and Referring URL.

Go to Silverchair SiteManager


Review and Update your IP address

AAP utilizes theIPregistry to manage IP authentication. Please submit IP address updates via Once approved all IP addresses updates are received from via API and automatically updated in our authentication system.



AAP Point-of-Care Solutions and Toolkits Integration Tools

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions including Pediatric Care Online, Pediatric Patient Education, Red Book® Online, and AAP Toolkits content can be integrated by subscribing practices and institutions with their system(s) in a variety of ways to support both providers and patients/parents.

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