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Product Information

Downloadable product information designed for decision makers to learn more about the usage and benefits of AAP offerings. (Please click here for ordering instructions.)

For information about organization-wide subscription or site license options, including tiered rates for all AAP offerings, please review our Subscription Guide for Institutions. You can also review product overview and navigation videos for AAP digital resources.

2025 Subscription Guide  Product Overview Videos

For product-specific information about AAP Journals & Periodicals, AAP Point-of-Care Solutions, and AAP Books, please review our quick reference guides and product flyers below.

AAP Journals & Periodicals

AAP Journals & Periodicals Overview/Access for Institutional Customers

AAP Journals - Quick Reference Guide

Downloadable Product Flyers

AAP Journals & Periodicals Product Flyer

AAP eJournal Collection + Red Book Online Product Flyer


AAP Point-of-Care Solutions

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions Overview for Institutional Customers

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions - Quick Reference Guide

Downloadable Product Flyers

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions Product Flyer

First 1,000 Days and NeoKit Product Flyer


AAP Books

AAP Books Overview for Institutional Customers

AAP Books - Quick Reference Guide for Librarians 

AAP Books - Quick Reference Guide for Patrons

AAP Books - Mobile App Guide

Downloadable Product Flyers

AAP Book Collections Product Flyer


AAP Institutional Subscription International Promotional Flyers

Promotional flyers for subscription sales agents across the globe, created in several languages as an overview of AAP content licensing options. Please click here for ordering instructions.

English - Institutional Licensing Brochure

Arabic - كتيب الترخيص المؤسسي باللغة العربية

Chinese (Simplified) - 在中国的机构许可宣传册

Chinese (Traditional) - 在中國的機構許可手冊

French - Brochure de licence institutionnelle

German - Institutionelle Lizenzierung Broschüre in Deutsch

Italian - Brochure Istituzionale Licensing

Japanese - 日本の機関ライセンスパンフレット

Korean - 한국어에서 기관 라이센스 브로셔

Portugese - Folheto de Licenciamento institucional em português

Spanish - Folleto de licencias institucional en español


Technology Partnerships

AAP Publishing offers selected resources through the Hinari program, and AAP Journals & Periodicals are archived under LOCKSS and CLOCKSS.  

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