Purpose of the Study. To identify susceptibility loci for atopic dermatitis.

Study Population. A total of 839 individuals from 199 families in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis with at least 2 affected siblings.

Methods. A genome-wide linkage study for atopic dermatitis and immune evidence of atopy (ie, serum evidence of either specific allergen sensitization by CAP-radioallergosorbent test or elevated immunoglobulin E levels).

Results. Chromosome 3q21 was strongly linked with atopic dermatitis and immune evidence of atopy.

Conclusions. Atopic dermatitis and immune evidence of atopy have been linked to the same locus on chromosome 3q21.

Reviewers’ Comments. Previous genetic studies of atopic diseases have revealed different chromosome linkages to a variety of atopic disease features. Candidate genes in chromosome 3q21 include costimulatory signals for T lymphocyte activation, CD80, and CD86. Therefore, the finding of a major susceptibility locus for atopic dermatitis on chromosome 3q21...

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