To the Editor.

I read with interest the recent article on cardiorespiratory stability of infants carried in slings by Stening et al. This is an important topic for which objective data have not been available. Unfortunately, the article suffers from a number of significant flaws. The most glaring is the definition of desaturation as a decline in oxygen concentration to <88% for at least 10 seconds. There are 10 published studies on the normal oxygen saturation of infants. In a recent review of this issue by Poets, it was determined that the baseline saturation of infants is 93% to 100% in term and preterm neonates and 97% to 100% in term and preterm infants; therefore, the current study has not been able to identify the number of abnormal desaturation events that occur in a sling.

It is also troubling that the authors make the assumption that, in...

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