NOTE: Recode 95–99 = missing


Mean of the following 3 variables:

B. Habituation (States 1 and 2)

2. Response decrement to light (NNHALIT) not recoded

3. Response decrement to rattle (NNHARAT) not recoded

4. Response decrement to bell (NNHABEL) not recoded

ATTENTION (norient)

Mean of at least 4 of the following variables:

I. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Network Neurobehavioral Scale Attention (States 4 and 5)

35. Orientation: inanimate visual (NNISLIV) not recoded

36. Orientation: inanimate auditory (NNISLIA) not recoded

37. Orientation: inanimate visual and auditory (NNISLIB) not recoded

38. Orientation: animate visual (NNISLAV) not recoded

39. Orientation: animate auditory (NNISLAA) not recoded

40. Orientation: animate visual and auditory (NNISLAB) not recoded

L. Summary Items

47. Alertness (states 4 and 5) (NNSIALR) not recoded

AROUSAL (narousal)

Mean of at least 5 of the following variables:

C. Unwrap and Supine

8. Movement (states 1–4) (NNSMOV) not recoded

L. Summary Items...

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