To the Editor.—

I thank Roberts and Burgess for bringing readers' attention to my September 2004 Pediatrics article about a new, simple, and effective treatment for head lice. Nuvo lotion, the first of the new class of “dry-on suffocation-based pediculicides,” produced a 96% cure rate for even resistant head lice without use of neurotoxins, nit removal, or extensive household cleanup. This result is comparable to the best ever reported for any pediculicide and far exceeds typical 6% placebo response rates reported previously. Furthermore, we observed a 94% long-term cure rate. I invite more researchers to evaluate this new treatment and hope that it will bring to children, parents, and health care providers a new method to treat head lice.

Roberts and Burgess raise several concerns about my article, which I address below.

It is a new world for treating head lice.

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