To the Editor.—

Four years ago we published a study that reported negative developmental sequelae after high doses of sucrose in infants <31 weeks' gestational age. After numerous inquiries, we decided to return to the raw data set to determine if we could find an answer to the question, “How much sucrose is too much?” We conducted a secondary analysis with this question in mind.

Infants who scored <2 SDs below published normative data of the Neurodevelopmental Assessment of the Preterm Infant (NAPI)2,3  were compared with infants within the reference range on motor development and vigor and alertness and orientation at 32, 36, and 40 weeks on the number of doses of sucrose received over the study week. Severity of illness at birth, based on Clinical Risk Index for Babies (CRIB) scores, was controlled for in the analysis. Infants who received ≤10 doses of...

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