There have been several recent trials evaluating the efficacy of antibiotics as an asthma therapy, but to date national guidelines do not recommend them as an asthma therapy. Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing may lead to avoidable adverse events and bacterial resistance.

Antibiotics are prescribed during nearly 1 million US asthma visits annually when antibiotic need is undocumented. The frequent coprescription of systemic corticosteroids suggests that greater symptom severity increases this practice. Conversely, asthma education delivery is associated with decreased antibiotic prescribing.

Antibiotics and asthma drugs are the most frequently prescribed drugs in most age categories and in most countries.

In this study, antibiotic use was found to be 1.9 times more frequent in children who were treated with asthma drugs than those who were not. Among children who received an asthma drug, 35.6% were dispensed an antibiotic on the same day.

Urinary tract infections represent a significant source of exposure to...

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