Although concussion is increasingly being diagnosed in the pediatric population, little is known about what factors lead to prolonged postconcussive symptoms in children. In particular, the effect of previous history of concussion on recovery from a repeat injury is unclear.

Children with a history of previous concussion, particularly recent or multiple concussions, are at increased risk for prolonged symptoms after concussion. This suggests that repeat concussion, particularly within a vulnerable time window, may lead to longer duration of symptoms.

Medication ingestions are increasing among children despite a number of public health interventions. The majority of these poisonings are related to prescription as opposed to over-the-counter medications.

Rising rates of poisonings in children are strongly correlated with rising use of hypoglycemics, antihyperlipidemics, β-blockers, and opioids among adults. These events are associated with considerable health care utilization, both in terms of emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

Bronchiolitis is often cited as...

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