Research in the aftermath of large-scale terrorist attacks shows that exposed children experience numerous negative psychological sequelae, including increased emotional difficulties, posttraumatic stress, and significant attack-related life disruptions.

Most research on terrorism-exposed youth examines large-scale terrorism. Limited work examines reactions to terrorism of the scope of the marathon attack, and the extraordinary manhunt and shelter-in-place warning was an unprecedented experience. Understanding adjustment after these events is critical.

Since the introduction of rotavirus vaccines, diarrhea-associated health care utilization among US children has decreased substantially. Moreover, indirect benefits from rotavirus vaccination have been observed in unvaccinated children and in adults.

With increasing rotavirus vaccine coverage during 2009–2011, we observed continued reductions in diarrhea-associated health care utilization and cost. Both rotavirus vaccines conferred high protection against rotavirus hospitalizations; pentavalent rotavirus vaccine provided durable protection through the fourth year of life.

Varicella vaccine is effective, but there is concern that widespread use in young...

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