Topical corticosteroids are often used to treat atopic dermatitis (AD) in infants, although compliance is poor due to concerns over side effects. Pimecrolimus was shown to be a safe and effective noncorticosteroid treatment of AD in infants in short-term studies.

The Petite Study shows that long-term management of mild-to-moderate AD in infants with pimecrolimus or topical corticosteroids was safe without any effect on the developing immune system. Pimecrolimus had similar efficacy to topical corticosteroids and a marked steroid-sparing effect.

Early-life lower respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia, are associated with increased prevalence of asthma and diminished lung function in children. Whether early-life pneumonia is associated with subsequent impaired lung function and asthma in adults is not yet clear.

This is the first article providing strong data for an association between early-life pneumonia in an outpatient setting and airflow limitation and asthma into adulthood, supporting the hypothesis of the early-life origins of chronic...

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