Firearms are among the 10 leading causes of injury-related death for youth and continues throughout the life span. Annually youth homicides and assault-related injuries result in an estimated $16 million in combined medical and work loss costs.

Findings add to the field’s broadening conceptualization of youth victimization highlighting the potentially highly consequential risk factor of firearm and other weapon exposure as a component of victimization experiences on the mental health of youth.

Youth drinking is associated with adult drinking. Alcohol policies can influence youth and adult drinking. However, it is unknown whether alcohol policies influence youth drinking patterns directly or through their effect on adult drinking.

Alcohol policies, including population-oriented policies, are protective for youth drinking. The effect of population-oriented policies may be mediated though effects on adults. These findings suggest that efforts to reduce youth drinking should rely on policies that address all age groups.

Self-harm behavior is a...

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