Electronic cigarette use among youth is rising exponentially. Among other concerns, modified electronic cigarettes can be used to vaporize cannabis. However, no scientific data have been published on the rates of using electronic cigarettes to vaporize cannabis among youth.

This study presents rates of vaporizing cannabis among a sample of high school students (N = 3847). Rates of vaporizing cannabis were high among lifetime e-cigarette users (18.0%), lifetime cannabis users (18.4%), and lifetime dual cannabis and e-cigarette users (26.5%).

Minimal parent supervision and early pubertal maturation independently forecast alcohol misuse among adolescent girls. It is not known if pubertal timing amplifies risks associated with inadequate supervision during the formative years when youth are first exposed to alcohol.

Early maturing girls who enter secondary school with high levels of behavioral autonomy report a dramatic increase in alcohol abuse. The etiology of their problems with alcohol can be traced, in part,...

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