The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of dietary calcium restriction on bone mineral density (BMD) in young adults with cow’s milk allergy (CMA) and to determine if other dietary calcium intake can compensate for lack of diary intake.

Patients with IgE-mediated CMA (group I, n = 33) diagnosed in infancy were compared with 24 matched but milk-tolerant patients (Group II). In addition, they were compared with 12 CMA allergic patients who underwent oral milk desensitization (Group III) and consumed ≥4.5 g milk protein daily. Patients were all Tanner V and ranged from 16.5 to 30 years old.

Serum levels of 25-OH vitamin D3, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and parathyroid hormone were quantified. BMD was measured in the lumbar spine (SP), femoral neck (FN), and hip.

There were no differences in the serum markers between groups with the exception of Group I having a higher PTH...

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