Dear Drs Huh, Sullivan, and Huntington,

We are grateful for your thoughtful critiques and welcome the opportunity to clarify our research. Below, we address the concerns raised in turn.

The authors’ first contention is that our study is “not representative of most communities.” The Duke Preschool Anxiety Study recruited its sample from specific pediatric primary care practices in the Durham, North Carolina, area with patient populations that are representative of the surrounding community. Our 2013 article summarizes the sample and community demographics in Table 11 and states that our sample demographics are similar to those of the area but not the nation. Most of the major epidemiologic, longitudinal studies of child mental health of the last 30 years are community studies (eg, Great Smoky Mountain Study, Pittsburgh Youth Study, and Christchurch Health and Development Study). None of these studies are nationally representative, and all have yielded significant insights about child...

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