The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Journal must be commended for warning against electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS): “ENDS have the potential to addict a new generation of youth to nicotine and reverse more than 50 years of progress in tobacco control.”1 

This contrasts with hope and even hype from Europe. Public Health England, the executive agency in charge of the nation’s health and well-being, recently claimed that “e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes.”2 Not only is the review not evidence based, but it also fails to model the epidemics.3 

In France, “experts” even promote ENDS for smoking cessation and are abusive to those who challenge their opinion.4 As a clinician relying on evidence-based medicine, for smoking cessation, I simply prescribe psychotherapy plus a combination of various forms of nicotine replacement therapy with or without varenicline.

In Europe, experts are fooled by the...

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