As part of the ongoing Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics series on skills used by great clinical teachers, this article introduces teaching strategies to more effectively convey the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), including a mnemonic that can serve as a framework for clinician educators.

EBM is the selective use of best current evidence to make medical decisions for individual patients.1 Incorporating medical evidence into clinical practice is an expectation for medical students entering residency.2 Routinely practicing EBM can promote patient safety, improve quality, and enhance value in health care.3 Resources exist for faculty to review the basic tenets of EBM.4 

To ensure students entering residency have a strong foundation in EBM, clinical teachers need to teach EBM while providing patient care. Many interventions developed to improve teaching of critical appraisal skills are applicable to the classroom but not at the patient’s bedside.5...

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