Glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)-3β is a key regulator of inflammatory response. Our previous study showed that inhibition of GSK-3β prevents lung injury induced by 90% O2. Antenatal inflammation and subsequent exposure to moderate hyperoxia are key factors in the pathogenesis of “New” bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). We tested the hypothesis that inhibition of GSK-3β would prevent neonatal lung injury induced by antenatal inflammation and postnatal moderate hyperoxia.

To evaluate the efficacy of thiadiazolidinone-8 (TDZD), a GSK-3β inhibitor, in the prevention of lung injury induced by antenatal inflammation and moderate postnatal hyperoxia in neonatal rats.

Pregnant rats received LPS (0.5mg/kg) or normal saline (NS) ip injection on embryonic day 18 and 19. Newborn rats were randomized at 24 h of life to room air (RA) or hyperoxia (70% O2) groups. They received TDZD (5mg/kg) or placebo (PL) by daily ip injection for 14 days during continuous RA or O2 exposure....

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