The 12 rules for rearing children, listed below, and published more than a century ago, may appear rather severe to us. And yet, at the time they were published, these rules were considered by some to be too permissive.

Rearing Children

1. Children should not go to school until 6 years old.

2. Should not learn at home during that time more than the alphabet, religious teachings excepted.

3. Should be fed with plain substantial food, at regular intervals of not less than 4 hours.

4. Should not be allowed to eat any thing (sic) within 2 hours of bed-time.

5. Should have nothing for supper but a single cup of warm drink, such as very weak tea of some kind, or cambric tea or warm milk and water, with one slice of cold bread and butter–nothing else.

6. Should sleep in separate beds, on hair- mattresses, without caps, feet first well warmed by the fire or rubbed with the hands until perfectly dry; extra covering on the lower limbs, but little on the body.

7. Should be compelled to be out of doors for the greater part of daylight, from after breakfast until half an hour before sun-down, unless in damp, raw weather, when they should not be allowed to go outside the door.

8. Never limit a healthy child as to sleeping or eating, except at supper; but compel regularity as to both; it is of great importance.

9. Never compel a child to sit still, nor interfere with its joyment, as long as it is not actually injurious to person or property, or against good morals.

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