MORE than a year ago a new move to provide urgently needed support for effective pediatric research was inaugurated with the founding of the Playtex Park Research Institute by the International Latex Corporation, of Dover, Delaware. The Institute was founded by its sponsor as a nonprofit foundation devoted to supporting investigations in the field of child health. In bringing the Institute into being it was agreed that its funds were to be used, not for buildings and equipment, but for "the facilitation and coordination of scientific research concerning the nature, prevention, causes, treatment and cure of diseases and disorders, and the factors responsible for normal growth and development in the infant." It was further stated at that time that the Institute's support of research would be based on the ability and promise of the investigator, rather than only on the field of investigation.

The Academy's Study of Child Health Services showed that in 61 out of 67 medical schools reporting, the portion of the school budget allotted for pediatric departments ranged from less than 2% to only 6%. In only six schools was an appropriation of 6% or more allotted to the pediatric department, with a high of only 8% in the latter group. Out of the 22 schools where this department received less than 2% of the total school budget, eight received no outside support and two received less than $1,000 from outside sources. These startling facts were among many which prompted the International Latex Corporation to establish and finance the Playtex Park Research Institute.

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