Background: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians be trained to collaborate with school personnel and has stated that inadequate collaboration across systems is a contributor to suboptimal health care. Objectives/Methods: Mail-based surveys were used to target chief residents of all pediatric residency programs in the United States (N = 214). Participants completed a 25-item survey inquiring about training, attitudes, and practices in collaborating with schools. A 68.6% response rate was obtained. Results: The majority of respondents (73.5%) view collaboration with school personnel as important or very important and believe it improves overall patient care. However, 30.7% of respondents reported to never have collaborated with school personnel, and 47.8% reported doing so only once or twice a year. Further, 41.3% of respondents felt that school collaboration is not feasible for most pediatricians due to barriers including limited time, scheduling issues, and knowing how to contact relevant school personnel. Conclusions: Most respondents reported that school collaboration was rarely addressed in residency training.