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Online First

Online first articles are accepted and edited, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI.
Article May 29 2024
Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnoses and Congenital Cytomegalovirus
Case Report May 29 2024
Late-Onset Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency Type A: A Treatable Cause of Developmental Delay
From the American Academy of Pediatrics May 28 2024
Safe Administration of Medication in School: Policy Statement
Commentary May 28 2024
Standardizing Medical Complexity: Fruitful, Formidable, or Futile?
Article May 28 2024
The Clinical Definition of Children With Medical Complexity: A Modified Delphi Study
From the American Academy of Pediatrics May 28 2024
Considerations for Alternative Decision-Making When Transitioning to Adulthood for Youth With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Policy Statement
Ethics Rounds May 24 2024
An Ethical Analysis of Therapy for Severe Congenital Kidney and Urinary Tract Anomalies
Article May 24 2024
Neonatal and Obstetrical Outcomes of Pregnancies Complicated by Alloimmunization
Article May 23 2024
Parental Legal System Involvement, Positive Childhood Experiences, and Suicide Risk
Research Briefs May 23 2024
Trends and Factors Associated With Pediatric Opioid Use in Emergency Departments
Commentary May 22 2024
Applying a Cultural Safety Framework to Understand Vaccination of Children in Immigrant Families
Article May 22 2024
Vaccine Coverage at 36 Months and 7 Years by Parental Birth Country, Washington State
Quality Report May 21 2024
Reducing NICU Unplanned Extubations From Tube Dislodgement
Research Briefs May 21 2024
Viral Testing for Febrile Infants Without Procalcitonin Measurement
Review Article May 20 2024
Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Neonates: A Meta-Analysis
Commentary May 20 2024
Fulfilling the Promise of the Premise in Neonatal Antimicrobial Stewardship
From the American Academy of Pediatrics May 20 2024
Infant Feeding for Persons Living With and at Risk for HIV in the United States: Clinical Report
From the American Academy of Pediatrics May 20 2024
Successes and Lessons Learned in Responding to the Needs of Pediatricians, Children, and Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Article May 17 2024
Immunogenicity of Monovalent mRNA-1273 and BNT162b2 Vaccines in Children <5 Years of Age
Article May 17 2024
Implementing Entrustable Professional Activities in Pediatric Fellowships: Facilitating the Process
Commentary May 16 2024
TRANSforming Gender Identity Data Collection and Representation for Gender Diverse Youth
Article May 16 2024
Estimating Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth Populations in Health Systems and Survey Data
Article May 15 2024
Medical Complexity, Language Use, and Outcomes in the Pediatric ICU
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice May 15 2024
Initiative to Increase Equity in Clinical Care: Experience at 1 Children’s Hospital
Pediatrics Perspectives May 14 2024
Lessons From Unified Sports for CSHCN
Article May 14 2024
Child Behavior Problems and Maltreatment Exposure
Commentary May 13 2024
The Promise of New Vaccines Against Respiratory Viruses
Article May 13 2024
Safety and Immunogenicity of an mRNA-Based hMPV/PIV3 Combination Vaccine in Seropositive Children
Article May 10 2024
Maternal Vitamin D Supplementation and Infantile Rickets: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Trial
Article May 10 2024
Core Outcome Set for Necrotizing Enterocolitis Treatment Trials
Research Briefs May 9 2024
Incorrect Administration of Adult RSV Vaccines to Young Children
Case Report May 9 2024
Molecular Autopsy With Banked Cord Blood Reveals Brugada Syndrome in Past Sudden Death Case
Article May 8 2024
Enhancing NICU Care and Communication: Perspectives of Moderately Preterm Infant Parents
Article May 8 2024
Prescribing Patterns of Nonrecommended Medications for Children With Acute COVID-19
Pediatrics Perspectives May 7 2024
Reconsideration of the Calculation of Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs
Article May 7 2024
An Expanded Approach to the Ascertainment of Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs
Quality Report May 7 2024
Increasing the Use of Enteral Antibiotics in Hospitalized Children With Uncomplicated Infections
Articles May 6 2024
Trends in Adolescent Comorbid Cannabis Use Disorder and Postoperative Complications
Article May 3 2024
Preferences in Clinical Care of Individuals With Differences of Sex Development
Case Report May 3 2024
Symptomatic Pericardial Effusion Associated With Graves’ Disease in a Pediatric Patient
Article May 3 2024
Advance Care Planning for Children With Rare Diseases: A Pilot RCT
Special Article May 2 2024
February 2024 ACIP Meeting Update: Meningococcal, RSV, COVID-19, and Other Vaccines
State-of-the-Art Review May 2 2024
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
Article May 2 2024
Caregiver and Child Mental Health During 3 Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Article May 1 2024
Water and Sanitation Access for Children in Alabama
Feature May 1 2024
Pain in the Time of Climate Change
Article May 1 2024
Cannabis Legalization and Resource Use for Ingestions by Young Children
Letters to the Editor June 1 2021
Safety First: The Potential Pitfalls of Telehealth
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